Combined units are commonly employed to pre-treat wastewater prior to its introduction into wastewater treatment plants. These units are responsible for performing fine screening, grit removal, and potentially grease removal. Wastewater is directed through a screw screen, where solid materials that are larger than the screen’s opening size are captured and eliminated from the system. At the end of the screen conveyor, these materials are compacted before being discharged. The wastewater then enters a sedimentation tank, where finer solid materials still present are settled and conveyed to a hopper via a horizontal screw conveyor located at the bottom of the tank. Grit particles accumulated in the hopper are conveyed and discharged into a container via an inclined screw conveyor installed for grit removal. The filtered water exits the system through an outlet pipe located at the top level. If required, a grease removal unit can be integrated into Combined Units.
Small sewage treatment works
• Municipal wastewater treatment plants
• Industrial wastewater treatment plants

Key Benefits & Features

• Compact design
• No odour or clogging problems
• Low investment cost
• Low maintenance and operation costs
• No civil works required
• Easy to install and operate
• Volume reduction of the washed out solid
• Low residual organic content in the washed out solid


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