The DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) unit is a type of wastewater treatment unit that relies on flotation and chemicals. It is widely used due to its compact structure, which takes up less space than precipitation-based chemical wastewater treatment plants. The DAF unit is fully automated and can separate animal or industrial oily wastewater without the need for chemicals. It is used in various industries such as ;
• In slaughterhouses
• Red and white meat integrated facilities
• In chemical industries
• Galvanizing and electroplating facilities
• In paper mills
• In textile factories
• In oil refineries
• In dairy and cheese industries etc. used in many industries.

The DAF unit consists of several components, including a tube type flocculator, static mixers for chemical mixing, a DAF tank, a scraper, honeycomb lamella, discharge weirs, a microbubble pump, a walking platform, an electrical panel, pH meters, a polydose unit, and a coagulant dosing unit. The body of the unit is made of AISI 304-316 and ST37 epoxy paint coated material.

The wastewater enters the DAF unit through a pipe type flocculator, where all chemical dosages are mixed with static mixers. Then, the wastewater undergoes coagulation, neutralization, and flocculation stages inside the flocculator. The microbubble pump injects air into the effluent, and the wastewater combines and rises to the surface of the DAF unit in the form of microbubbles. Suspended solids, oil, and flocs collected on the surface are scraped off by the scraper, while the honeycomb type lamellas increase the surface load.

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