PMC’s External Flow Drum Screens serve as a fine screening mechanism that is typically installed within pipelines. They are specifically designed to prevent incoming particles from entering the control system. As the drum rotates, particles that accumulate on the screen surface are continuously removed from the system. The length, input, and output of the Rotary drum screens can be customized according to customer specifications. There are two types of designs available, the Wedge-Wire or perforated sheet metal design. The perforated sheet metal design is highly efficient in holding particles within its pores, while the Wedge-Wire design utilizes special triangular bars on the drum surface to collect solid waste. Due to its unique design, the Wedge-Wire design has a high permeability rate and is unlikely to clog. The automatic cleaning mechanism is carried out using nozzles located within the drum.

Key Benefits & Features

MODEL : Rotary Drum filter - Externally fed
SPECIFICATION Externally Flow Wedge Wire
CAPACITY 20-375 m3
POWER 0,25 kW
DRUM LENGHT 650 - 1500 mm
DRUM SPACE 0,25mm - 3mm
MATERIAL SS304 Stainless Stee

Wedge Wire or Perforated DRUMS
AISI 304 or 316 Stainless steel Material


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