Multi-rake mechanical screens are widely utilized in medium and large water and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as pumping stations, serving as both fine and coarse screens. By employing numerous chain-mounted rakes to clear a single, fixed bar screen, these screens help to decrease the duration required to clean the bar screen, thus providing a high waste discharge capacity within a short cycle time. Furthermore, due to their cost-effective mechanism and efficient operation system even in deep channels, these types of screens are typically the preferred equipment. PMC Engineering Multi-Rake Mechanical Screens consist primarily of a frame, rakes, screen media, chain, sprockets, counter wiper, and discharge chute, which are mounted angularly to channels.

Key Benefits & Features


Types: Fine, Coarse, Perforated

Hyrolic or Electric Drive

Fine : 6 ~ 10mm spacing
Channel width: 400 ~ 3,000 mm
75-degree incline angle

Coarse : > 12mm ~ 50mm spacing
Channel width: 400 ~ 3,000 mm
75-degree incline angle

3mm ~ 6mm perforation
Channel width: 400 ~ 2,000 mm
75-degree incline angle


Stainless AISI 304 or Stainless AISI 316


Hot dip galvanized steel


Manual or automatic cleaning

Control panel

Alternative screen types and sizes

Alternative voltage and frequency

Incline angle other than 75 degrees up to 90 degrees with goose neck

Alternative degree of motor protection


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