These are treatment plants that are designed as reinforced concrete or compactly as fully fabricated for clean water supply problems encountered in small-scale settlements such as towns, towns and villages. Fresh water sources (creek, lake, river) or wells can be selected as the source. The plant is designed by taking into account the parameters such as intense turbidity, ph, taste and odor in the water, and it is delivered to the end user by operating in this minimum time. Minimum flow is 25 m3/hour and max. As the flow rate, it can be selected by considering the required capacity.

The package treatment units we produce are in high demand in the Middle East, mainly in Iraq. Production time is at the minimum level considering the size of the project. If requested, it can be assembled on site and delivered to the end user.

Package River water Treatment plant process content?
» Water intake structure pump station,
» Pre-chlorination
» Coagulation unit
» Flocculation unit
» Lamella settling unit
» Filter feed pump station
» Automatic Filtration unit
» Final chlorination
» Flow control
» Mains feeding pump station

Package River Water Treatment Plant Preference Areas?

” Villages
» Towns
» Military camps
» Refugee camps
» Town, Municipalities
» Medium-sized residential centers etc.

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