The Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) is an activated sludge system in which aeration and sedimentation processes occur in the same tank, unlike continuous systems. Wastewater is fed into the reactor tank, treated, and discharged. The SBR system consists of five steps: 1) filling, 2) aeration, 3) sedimentation, 4) discharge, and 5) removal of excessive sludge (if needed). SBR systems act as a balance tank, adapting to fluctuating pollution loads and raw water quantities. They occupy less area compared to classic continuous systems. The duration and frequency of the five steps can be adjusted as needed for nitrogen and phosphorus removal. This system is cost-effective as it does not require a secondary settling sedimentation tank, which is a requirement for classic systems, as sedimentation is carried out in the same tank. Reactors can be produced as modular types or from reinforced concrete, making them suitable for all required capacities.

Key Benefits & Features

SBR unit includes;
1. reactor,
2. basket filter,
3. blower,
4. chlorine dosage pump,
5. submersible wastewater lift pump,
6. submersible discharge pump and air diffusers.
• Reactor body is made from epoxy coated ST-37 carbon steel
substance and it can be in a prismatic or cylindrical shape.
Production can be made for special applications and the used
substance or geometry of reactor can be variable.
• Control system is controlled by smart relay in standard ones;
however, control systems with PLC- touch operator panel can
also be made optionally. Special price should be demanded
for remote control- SCADA.


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