Cartridges made of PP material are utilized as a filtration system to ensure that water is treated at the desired micron level. These cartridges effectively filter out impurities such as rust, particles, residue, and sand from the water and store them within the cartridge filter body for treatment.

PMC Engineering offers Stainless Steel or PVC Cartridge Filter Systems, which consist of filter bodies and cartridges. The filter body serves as a housing for the cartridges, which are the primary component responsible for water treatment. Filter bodies can be constructed from either stainless steel or PVC materials. The cartridges used in the system have varying levels of micron sensitivity, allowing for fine filtration at the appropriate micron level depending on the water’s properties and required capacity. The length of time the filters are used and the properties of the incoming water can affect the cartridges’ contamination levels. When cartridges become contaminated, the filter’s pressure loss increases, causing reduced filtering sensitivity, and necessitating their replacement.

Key Benefits & Features


Flow Rate: 3-140 m3/h

Inlet-outlet pressure control

Drain and air supply valve

Custom dimensions

Pressure: up to 10 bar
Working Pressure 6 Bar

Microns: 1-25

Connection: DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125

AISI 304 or 316 Stainless steel or PVC housing options


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