Committed to Excellence

PMC Mining, Engineering and Machinery was founded in 1990 as a family owned company by two engineer brothers. For years, PMC Company carried out their business operations around the globe, primarily in the Middle East manufacturing and supplying materials, projects and equipment.
By 2007, with the water pollution becoming a great concern for the world, the proprietors of PMC decided to take a stand and incorporate water and wastewater treatment into its spectrum of operations. Such meaningful work quickly turned into passion, leading to a great expertise in designing and manufacturing various water and wastewater treatment equipment with the brand PMC Engineering.


Water and wastewater treatment is a vital and meaningful operation. PMC team wholeheartedly takes reducing the level of contaminated water as a responsibility. With respect to such responsibility, profit losses importance. PMC’s vision is to serve to earth’s water by abandoning a profit centric business approach.


PMC’s mission is and always will be delivering the highest quality of product and equipment and maintaining the confidence our clients have on us through establishment of 100% transparency, communication and diligence.

Our Values

At PMC, there are no promises unkept. We operate based on a culture built on values that secure reliability and confidence on one another. What makes our family bondage strong also makes our business relations invincible: Looking after each other. We keep into account our clients’ best interest because we believe that the most rewarding feeling is to see our clients lean on us.
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