MBBR Units

MBBR Units
MBBR Units
MBBR Units
MBBR Units
MBBR Units
MBBR Units
MBBR Units
MBBR Units
MBBR Units
MBBR Units


MBBR systems are applicable to wide range wastewater flows; from 20 m3/day to 10.000 m3/day.
PMC Engineering’s MBBR systems are versatile and can treat wastewater from different origins like households, wineries, dairies, etc. in conjunction with other methods to achieve the desired treatment goals. They can be employed after anaerobic treatment for refining BOD load, before activated sludge for high BOD/COD treatment, for improving existing facilities such as lagoons, oxidation ponds, and activated sludge plants, or as a post-treatment method to existing activated sludge for nitrogen elimination to comply with new regulatory limits.
MBBR systems utilize small carrier elements with a density lower than that of water, which offer a significant protected surface area for bacterial growth and allow for the retention of active biomass within the bioreactor. The design of the biofilm carriers safeguards the bacterial cultures against operating excursions, such as pH and temperature changes, as well as toxic shocks, resulting in a highly resilient system that can withstand fluctuations in load.
Requires primary treatment, FOG
<100 mg/l
• Treatment design & configuration is
arranged according to inlet & outlet
parameters, including WW temp.
• Organic and hydraulic loading is variable,
dependent on influent parameters and
effluent requirements.
• Standard MBBR maximum media fill
fraction in the reactor= 70 %
• Media retention screen(s) keeps media in
• Domestic/Resort
• Food Processing
• Landfill Leachate
• Marine
• Meat Processing
• Mining
• Petrochemical
• Pharmaceuticals
• Power Plant
• Pulp & Paper
• Vehicle Wash

Key Benefits & Features

• Self-regulating biomass.
• Flexible design that allows for capacity
• No operational adjustments, only
equipment maintenance.
• Stable under large load variations.
• Smaller foot prints.
• Low investment cost.
• Single-pass treatment.
• Multiple applications.
• Extremely compact and simple biological
treatment system.


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