MBR Units

MBR Units
MBR Units
MBR Units
MBR Units
MBR Units
MBR Units
MBR Units
MBR Units
MBR Units
MBR Units


The MBR process can be customized in various configurations depending on specific nutrient removal objectives for a project. Denitrification can be achieved by using anoxic zones before or after the aerobic treatment, depending on the effluent nitrate and total nitrogen requirements. PMC Engineering prefers a submerged configuration due to its low energy requirements and reduced fouling potential. This configuration uses a suction force to pull water through the membrane, while retaining sludge on the membrane surface.

Membrane modules used in this process are composed of hollow fiber bundles made of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF). Aeration nozzles located in the center of the fiber bundle ensure that the entire fiber length is scoured, minimizing power consumption. The use of a single header design reduces energy consumption, minimizes downtime, and increases flux, all while taking up minimal space. MBR treatment plants are scalable and can be used for a wide range of capacities. PMC offers pre-engineered systems that can process up to 1000 m3/day.
Human-Induced (Urban) Wastewater,
Educational institutions and health service applications,
Hotels, labor and refugee camps, parks and military bases,
Construction complexes (workplaces, shopping malls, small shops),
Industrial wastewater, food and beverage industries etc.

Key Benefits & Features

Turnkey MBR system
• Standard pre-engineered design packages
• Efficient compact design, reduced footprint
• Robust, high-quality system and components
• Single-source supply
• Easily expandable
• Fast delivery and installation
• Meets or exceeds most regulatory effluent requirements
Secondary clarifiers and tertiary filtration processes are eliminated,
thereby reducing plant footprint.
• Unlike secondary clarifiers, the quality of solids separation is not
dependent on the mixed liquor suspended solids concentration or
• No reliance upon achieving good sludge settleability,
• hence quite amenable to remote operation.
• Can be designed with long sludge age, hence low sludge
• Produces a UF quality effluent suitable for reuse applications or as
a high quality feed water source for Reverse Osmosis treatment.


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