MBR & UF Modules

MBR & UF Modules

MBR & UF Modules
MBR & UF Modules
MBR & UF Modules
MBR & UF Modules
MBR & UF Modules


Our membrane bioreactor module has been developed for the biological treatment and recovery of domestic and industrial wastewater.

In conventional activated sludge systems, which is the biological treatment process of wastewater, the water we treat is separated from the sludge with the final sedimentation tank. In MBR systems, MBR modules, which are a physical barrier, provide the separation of treated water. Thus, the sludge concentration and sludge age in the aeration tank are high, and the operational problems in the settling tank are eliminated. In addition, the required aeration pool volume is lower.

Scope of application
MBR effluent is of high quality and domestic or industrial wastewater recycling benefits our customers in many ways. In industrial factories that pay a certain fee for water, we recover wastewater and reuse it in production processes.

You can make a difference for your facility by reaching ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge), ZDHC (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals), Inditex standards, especially for the textile industry, with the recycling projects we have realized.

Wastewater recovery facilities, where our modules are used, meet their own depreciation in a short time. In this way, you can turn your wastewater into a source of income. You can also add prestige to your company with innovative solutions for integrated wastewater management.

MBR modules are modular systems suitable for capacity increase and development of conventional activated sludge systems. We produce special solutions for your needs. We increase the capacity of the treatment plant and restructure your plant by increasing the capacity of the MBR systems operated with high sludge age, with our module options in various sizes, by using the existing tanks.

You can contact us for detailed information about our application areas.

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