PMC’s Degassifier systems are utilized to eliminate dissolved gases like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) present in water. The water enters the system via a distribution diffuser placed at the top and then travels downwards through a bed of distribution spheres that facilitate the disruption of water flow. The system incorporates a large fan at the bottom, which generates an air flow that moves upwards through the water, resulting in an intimate interaction between air and water. This process helps to eliminate the gases from the water, and the vent at the top of the unit is used to release the gases, whereas the purified water flows out of the bottom of the system.
Forced draft decarbonators are designed to eliminate gases, mainly Carbon Dioxide, from process water. These units are commonly positioned between Cation and Anion ion exchange systems or located before or after an RO unit. Failing to use a decarbonator in cases where the process water has high levels of Carbon Dioxide may lead to greater expenses associated with increased Anion resin regeneration, downtime, and chemical costs. Carbon Dioxide is produced as a byproduct of Cation exchange and the various acids used to regulate the pH levels in process water.

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