The PMC High Flow Cartridge System is a filtration technology designed to address market needs and requirements, with a focus on analytical applications, cartridge filter maintenance, and protection. It offers high-quality filtration at low costs, including initial investment and operating costs. The innovative patented designs of the system allow for easy and quick maintenance, reducing system failure time to a minimum, and ensuring smooth operation.
The PMC High Flow Cartridge Filters offer optimum filtration while reducing operating costs and overall energy and cost. They provide high energy savings, significantly reduced installation costs, low operating costs, high loading capacity, ease of installation and maintenance, and long service life. Understanding and implementing proper water practices is crucial for healthy living, and chemically cleansed waters are the first step towards a healthier life. The right water filtration method is essential for your application, and the PMC High Flow Cartridge System is an ideal solution.
Easy installation and maintenance
Anti-corrosion FRD sheath designs
High chemical resistance
Designed for compact use and low usage areas
Modular design

RO Pre-Filtration
Sea Water Deionization
Condensate Water Filtration
Hot water recovery in power generation
API, Solvent and water filtration in the biopharmaceutical market
Bottled water filtration
High fructose, edible oil, beverage and milk
Paint and coatings
Petrochemicals and refineries
Microelectrical, film, fiber and resin

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