Iron Manganese Arsenic Filters

Iron Manganese Arsenic Filters

Iron Manganese Arsenic Filters
Iron Manganese Arsenic Filters
Iron Manganese Arsenic Filters
Iron Manganese Arsenic Filters


Iron, Manganese Arsenic Filters

Thanks to Special Minerals, PMC engineering’s iron – manganese filters can reduce the amount of iron and manganese up to 5 ppm in water in accordance with drinking and using water standards (Fe=0,2 ppm – Mn= 0,05ppm). There is no need for any extra rejent material for these special minerals. It also removes hydrogen sulfide, methane, free carbon dioxide and high concentrations of organic residues in water.


The element arsenic, possessing properties of both metals and nonmetals, is abundantly found in nature and is a hazardous and carcinogenic substance. The two most prevalent inorganic types of arsenic discovered in water are arsenite (As(III)) and arsenate (As(V)), and the distribution and type of arsenic present in water is influenced by various factors, including pH, redox potential, and the presence of complex ions like sulfur, iron, and calcium. Due to contamination from naturally occurring groundwater, many individuals across the world have faced the danger of arsenic poisoning. To combat this issue, PMC engineering has successfully produced Arsenic Filter Systems that can reduce arsenic levels from the prior World Health Organization (WHO)-permitted value of 50 µg/L to below 10 µg/L. Furthermore, PMC prioritizes human health in their filtration systems, using minerals that meet global food standards.

Key Benefits & Features

Epoxy painted carbon steel, FRP or Stainless steel tank options
coconut based active carbon
Maximum working pressure 6 bar
Time-controlled backwash
Pneumatic or Optional Electric actuated butterfly valves
Sub-collection structure is lateral diffuser or nozzle diffuser over mirror
PVC-U material face piping (Optional galvanized surface piping option)
Sample taps and manometers at system inputs and outputs
PLC based Siemens logo control panel (Optional touch screen option)
Electricity 220V / 50 Hz / 1 pH
Metal Tanks can be produced for treatment systems in accordance with Pressure Equipment Standards and certified.

30-50 times as much iron as arsenic in raw water for arsenic removal
ion must be present. (Add FeCl3 dosing pump to the filter inlet.)
Average 1 mg/lt chlorine in As-Fe-Mn mineral backwash water
must exist. (Add chlorine dosing pump for backwashing.)


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