Single or double Type Softening
Systems are used to remove
calcium, magnesium,
strontium and barium,
causing hardness in water,
for softening water.

Key Benefits & Features

St-37 carbon steel, Stainless teel or FRP tank oprions
• High quality cationic resin
• Maximum working pressure 6 bar
• Electric or pneumatic actuated butterfly valves
• Bottom collection structure octopus diffuser
• PVC-U material surface piping (on epoxy painted chassis)
• Sample taps and manometers at system inlets and outlets
• Electronic board or SIemens PLC control panel
• Electricity 220V / 50 Hz / 1 pH
• 160 gr salt consumption is accepted for 1 liter of resin.
• Resin capacity is accepted as 6000 Fr/liter resin
• Dry instrument required for the operation of pneumatic valves
Air supply is the responsibility of the customer. Recommended compressor capacity
minimum 100 Lt/min @ 8 bar

Epoxy painted carbon steel, FRP or Stainless steel tank

Inner CTP Coating

Inner Ebonite coating

Electric or Pneumatic actuator

Galvanized or stainless steel surface piping

Touch screen control panel


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