UV light is a type of light that is located just below visible light on the light spectrum. It has germicidal properties that make it effective for reducing pathogens, without the need for salt or other harmful chemicals.

Amalgam Lamp UV Systems
PMC Engineering’s Amalgam Lamps are designed to operate at higher temperatures than standard and high output (HO) lamps. In this case, higher efficiency is obtained with lower equipment cost. Light Tech Amalgam Series is a cost-effective alternative to medium pressure lamps. Its production capacity allows the consumer to meet all the lamp needs.
Increased UV Dosage
High Efficiency
High UVC output stability at temperature changes

Key Benefits & Features

Body: 304 Quality Stainless Steel
Power Supply: 220 V 50 Hz
Working Pressure: 8 Bar
Lamp Life: 9000 Hours
Lamp Brand: LIGHT TECH (ISO 9001 Certified)
Fault Indicator (Excluding E-50 Panel)
Analog Hours of Operation (Excluding E-50 Panel)
Electronic Working Hour
Audible Fault Notification
Alarm Relay Output
Warning at End of Lamp Life
Operating temperature 2-40 oC
Connection type produced as Nipel (Outer Gear).
Control Panel is seperated from the equipment body .


Stainless AISI 304 body
Stainless AISI 316 body

From 1/2" to 12" Flanged or threaded connection

Standard or Amalgam Series Lamps

Standar or Pro Panel options

30, 65 or 41 Watt Ballast Cards


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