• Purifying the high conducitvity waters that cannot be treated with standart
brackish reverse osmosis systems,
• Producing low conductivity waters that cannot be treated with single pass
brackish reverse osmosis systems,
• Treating concentrated streams,
• Dealing with special ion separations.
Seawater Reverse Osmosis Systems are generally used for the
treatment of sea water or high conductivity waters especially found near
coastal areas.They are also used for ;
• For Boats and Ships which are generally far away from potable water
resources for a long time,
• For places like hotels, apartments, houses which are far away from city
water networks or which are in places having high potable water costs,
• For industiral places like factories, companies which are far away from city
water networks or which are in places having high potable water costs,
• For places in offshore islands or for petrol stations in the middle of the
• For military applications or naval forces’ boats, ships.

Key Benefits & Features

• FRP or Stainless Steel Membrane Vessels
• Membranes are TFC Spiral - 2,5” or 4”
• AISI304 stainless steel vertical centrifuge high pressure pumpor Brass body rotary type high pressure pump
• St-37 epoxy painted carbon steel frame
• Cartridge Filter - 5 micron
• U-PVC / Zonder low and high pressure piping
• Solenoid automatic valves
• Flow regulation valves at pump outlet and drain lines
• Low pressure switch
• Inline flow meters at product and drain water lines
• Glycerin type manometers
• Conductivity meter at product water line
• RO electronic control card
• 220 V/50Hz/1ph or 380 V/50Hz/3ph
• ASC dosage system is not included. can be bought optionally

• The systems without energy recovery,
The systems without energy recovery include only high pressure pump used
to pressurize the water to required levels. This type of systems generally are
built for capacities up to 100 m3
• The systems with energy recovery,
The systems with energy recovery are designed for capacities larger than
120 m3
/day. Energy recovery devices are produced by a lot of companies.
Although some of them give total solutions (high pressure pumps with
energy recovery devices), the others only offer separate systems.


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