Small Scale RO systems

Small Scale RO systems

Small Scale RO systems


Reverse osmosis (RO) is a filtration method that removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution on one side of a selective membrane forcing only the small water molecules through the membrane becoming purified or permeate water. Membrane surface is always kept clean and unplugged by ‘Cross Flow’ operation that happens inside membrane element. By means of ‘Cross Flow’, while some liquids (element water) pass through membrane, some liquid (intensive water) move parallel to membrane surface, so protect others to stick to membrane. This process enables much more qualified water compared with other filtration systems.

Key Benefits & Features

• FRP or Stainless Steel Membrane Vessels
• Membranes are TFC Spiral - 2,5” or 4”
• AISI304 stainless steel vertical centrifuge high pressure pumpor Brass body rotary type high pressure pump
• St-37 epoxy painted carbon steel frame
• Cartridge Filter - 5 micron
• U-PVC / Zonder low and high pressure piping
• Solenoid automatic valves
• Flow regulation valves at pump outlet and drain lines
• Low pressure switch
• Inline flow meters at product and drain water lines
• Glycerin type manometers
• Conductivity meter at product water line
• RO electronic control card
• 220 V/50Hz/1ph or 380 V/50Hz/3ph
• ASC dosage system is not included. can be bought optionally

Antiscalant dosage system

SMBS dosing system

Acid / Caustic dosing system

Chemical washing system (CIP)

Automatic rinsing system

SS 304 stainless steel chassis

PLC control


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