High Flow cartridge Filters

High Flow cartridge Filters

High Flow cartridge Filters


Advanced pleated filter material design deliver
efficiency and performance. The increased surface of
the media provides longer element life, which means
fewer change outs. Reduced filter consumption
results in minimized disposal, operator exposure and
• Pretreatment
• RO Prefiltration
• Seawater desalination
• Condensate water filtration
• Hot water recovery in power generation
• API, Solvents, and water filtration in Biopharm
• Bottled water filtration
• High fructose, edible oil, soft drinks and milk
• Paints and coatings
• Petrochemicaland Refineries
• Microelectronics, Film, Fiber and resin

Key Benefits & Features

Easy installation and maintenance
Anti-corrosion FRD sheath designs
High chemical resistance
Designed for compact use and low usage areas
Modular design
Element Type: High-flow filter system
Micron Ratings 01, 05, 10 & 20 Micron Nominal
Diameter of Cartridge 152 mm
Suggested Pressure Drop
for Element Replacement 1.5 bar
Max. Pressure Drop 3.4 bar
Max. Temperature 80℃
Flow Direction
of Filter System
End in, side out
End in, end out
Flow Direction
of Filter Cartridge Inside -Out

Shell Fiberglass
End cap ABS
End cap handle Stainless steel 304
Inlet ABS
End port outlet ABS
Side port outlet Fiberglass
Locking segment Stainless steel 304
Saddle Rubber
Media(membrane) Polypropylene
Supporting layer Polypropylene
Seal EPDM or NBR
Inner frame Polypropylene
Lifting rug Polypropylene
Flow diverter Polypropylene
Case Polypropylene


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